Essay 2012

After the severe winter, the blossoms in this spring have become very beautiful. The cherry blossoms in our campus is wonderful.

(Blossoms in the morning sunlight, J. Morikawa, 2012.4.10)


April 15, 2011

Essay 2011

The great East Japan earthquake and an accident at a nuclear power plant shocked us the person doing research. It seems like a breakdown of what is in believe or what has been postponed, that was my first impression.

On that moment of the earthquake I was doing the experiment with Mobile instrument in the office. The building was rolling and rolling, and after 1 minute the book files and the electric parts on the shelf started falling down and down. It was my first time to see so many things falling down at the same time. I changed the channel of the display, from the measurement panel to NHK, the sound of the earthquake alarm continued ringing. When the quake calmed down, the mobile instrument made a sound of the fanfare informing us the successful finish of the measurement.

The data was typical, the machine was cool. Many people went out from the buildings in front of the Meguro station. I took a photograph with i-Phone from the open window, felt like having an eye contact with the crowd of people

(T. Hashimoto, 2011.3.23)


April 9, 2011