A well-lighted Lab. room is designed for efficient research study.
Successive instruments for testing temperature wave analysis in the past 20 years. ISO standard of temperature wave analysis published in Dec. 2008 based on the testing results in the Lab.. The 4K-Cryocooler for thermal diffusivity measurement.
Typical instruments for thermal analysis(DSC, TG, etc.) The methods are indispensable for the materials characterization. IR imaging systems. The analytical algorithm has been developed.
Newer coming of Electron Beam Lithography and Scanning electron Microscope. Micro-scale thermal sensors have been developed. Atomic force microscope for the characterization in nano-meter size.
Infrared cameras: the 1 st and 2 nd generations´╝łRaytehon Radiance,Indigo Phoenix)
Infrared camera: the 3rd generation (FLIR-Indigo Phoenix) Infrared camera: the 4 th generation(FLIR SC6000)
A bench lathe for manufacturing the miniature original jig for the experiments.
Manufacturing machines.